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Konata won the sprint by visualizing herself playing Track And Field. Konata is trying to decide between buying. Konata mentions to Kagami that she, as a lady, must be elegant as she wins. The girls discussed a lot about sports in the latter half of this episode: The figure skater who won the Winter Olympics was Shizuka Arakawa.

The High School baseball tournament that went into extra innings, as Bandai's notes said, went on for two days. Prince Handkerchief refers to a player of the winning team. Kagami mentioned Daisuke Matsuzaka, who went to Red Sox after the season. Here's something dub only: When Minoru's getting Tsukasa's profile, Akira comments that he sounds like a nerdy turtle. Granted, Akira calls him a turtle in the Japanese version During the next episode preview, Konata mentions the well known 1-up trick from "Super xxxxx Bros.

Soujirou has a fangasm when he realizes how similar Tsukasa and Kagami are to Sakura and Rin. Konata's room is exposed. We see a Mikuru figurine, clearly the Gachapon version, and the poster of the Haruhi cast in bunny suits. Tsukasa's phone has a Tamama keychain on it. The scene about Miyuki going to the clinic was a reference to the TV drama Dr. Kagami was again reading Full Metal Panic! The girls discuss how 2ch speak has cropped up on TV a lot and Konata says that if someone understands, they have lost. Akira asks if Minoru still has a job at Co Co -Ichcibanya or not.

Masutatsu Oyama is referenced by Konata concerning karate. Ending theme was Doraemon no Uta. Konata mentions seeing a girl in a sailor uniform holding a machine gun on the train platform. The entire episode is a trip to Comiket or Comic Market, the world's largest Doujinshi fair.

Huge Haruhi poster on a moving truck, not quite sure if it's a Gekisou advertisement. One yellow car had a huge decal of Primula on it.


Apparently, Konata was buying Hentai Haruhi doujins. The Miyakawa sisters, Hinata and Hikage, appear briefly in the background shortly before Konata's "reloading" scene.

They were originally characters in the drama CDs and video games. Hiyori makes a split-second Early-Bird Cameo in the scene where two Animate clerks try to sell Konata their doujinshi. No wonder she stood out in the Faceless Masses.

Main Characters

If not then someone is wearing a uniform that looks suspiciously like an Ashford Academy uniform Soujirou appears briefly, implying he went to Comiket as well. The scene after Akira's poster is knocked over has Minori Chihara selling Haruhi merchandise. Behind Minori Chihara and the arguing customer in that scene is a Kanon poster. Konata mentions a "Hotel Urashima" that she and her father stayed at when talking about previous Comikets.

Hotel Urashima is a real place, and was notorious when Comiket was held at Harumi. Small, expensive, and creepy. Is that a terrible Miku Hatsune? I tried pausing it to see the others, but no cigar Confirmed a few scenes later, because Asa Shigure is clearly visible on the poster. Both try to sell their own characters' merchandise while failing.

They also have to explain to the President that Kyon and Sousuke are main characters.

Yes, the actual president of Animate. The ending song is a reference to the episode in Suzumiya Haruhi where Taniguchi walks in to see Yuki lying in Kyon's hands. The scene where Konata thinks about the poets, she's shown with a duel disk, wearing a combination of Yugi and Kaiba's outfits complete with an upside down Millenium Puzzle. When Miyuki's playing with her cousins, she reads the Chihayafuru card. This was more obscure back then, as Lucky Star 's broadcast run was the same year Chihayafuru began serialization and ended before the first bound volume hit.

In the Animate scene, when Mieto's assistant yells "Boss, we got her! Lots of references to Sgt. Frog in this scene. For one, each assistant seems to parody one of the central characters: When blocking Konata's path, the brunette and the blonde laugh like Tamama and Keroro, respectively. Tamama's tail can be seen on the back of the brunette as well. When Konata is at the register, the store employees' facial expressions reference the characters of Sgt. When Kagami scolds Konata, Konata carries wings behind her back and says "Uguuu!

The fact that Hiromi Konno voiced the contestant is pointed out in the start of Lucky Channel. Konata uses her DS with Shaberu!

Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister

Da Capo is referenced twice in this episode, with Konata parodying Nemu coughing up sakura petals, and the opening itself is parodied, with Konata playing the roles of Nemu, Sakura, Kotori, Moe, and Junichi, complete with the Da Capo opening music. Later on, we see a poster of the Haruhi girls in bunny girl outfits. Kagami and Ayano's classmate for five consecutive years, Misao is the latter's childhood friend and, as defined by the former, an unorganized "lazy ass". A recurring theme in post-anime strips is her rivalry with Konata — for Kagami, even Misao considered Kagami as being cold-hearted.

Later, she got into the same program of the same college as Konata. Misao's " caretaker " in Kagami's words for years to the level that when Kagami was fed up with Misao or vice versa, Ayano is their go-between. She is the only teen in the series with a boyfriend. She's the only 11th grader in the series.

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Does not appear in the anime, but she did appear in the Net Idol Meister video game. While she doesn't appear often in the manga, she gets introduced with Ko often. Class Representative of Hiyori's class who appears in Volume 7. She is also an otaku, but tries to hide it as she is an upper-class girl who is class president.

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However, she runs into Hiyori on one of her shopping trips to Comiket, who discovers her secret. She is good at home economics, but is bad at art.

She likes "cute" things and likes sweets, as well as coffee and milk. Konata, Tsukasa and Miyuki's homeroom teacher, and world history teacher for all the seniors. Has lots of free time to play video games and watch baseball games. Still believes in the power of corporal punishment.

Konata's cousin and Yutaka's older sister. She works as a traffic cop, but even Konata wonders why can she keep at that position. Surprisingly, she showed real care towards Yutaka. Has an offscreen husband. Konata's father and fellow otaku. Works as a freelance writer at home but surprisingly, he writes more serious, completely non-otaku topics. An anime-only character, he is the manager of the Animate store Konata frequents.

He is actually the mascot for the Animate chain as Captain Animate , created by Shimamoto Kazuhiko in the late 90s; but the one who made him known in Japan was none other than Hideaki Anno who directed a short Original Video Animation for the character, a Radio Show was also made. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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