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And then you go in again, for the actual interview, the one they use, and then you go on the date. But a lot of the context was taken out of it.

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They talk it through with you, and then you see it. So from that I sort of knew what kind of angle they were going for with me.

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Looking at her date , it's difficult to disagree. Before your episode airs, they call to talk you through the edits.

But they cut it so it looked like I was begging him for another drink. They turned me into this tragic figure.

No one has been aggressive, or in your face. Can I get a selfie? B oth Joel and Amelia also say that it's worth remembering that your appearance on the show won't just be a once-off: B ut despite the fact that he wasn't shown on TV other than as an extra , Steve, and his fellow extras, still all took part in a blind date.

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The good things about this approach, he says, is that being in the same boat as everyone else was actually quite calming: Like Amelia and Joel, Steve was also asked advance about what kind of person he'd like to date — and feels like the programme-makers at least made a stab at getting it right.

We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Of course, the dates are still at the mercy of the editing team, who have to whittle down five dates, each one a three-course meal, into an episode lasting 42 minutes. Who knows for sure whether that withering glare or seductive smile correlates with the real sequence of events?

But unless the show has assembled the finest naturalistic actors in the country, rather than a bunch of easy-to-televise members of the public, the likelihood of a script seems minimal.

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By giving its subjects free reign, First Dates ends up serving a platter of brilliantly off-kilter moments every episode. The latter is one of the few times when a date goes genuinely awry. Indeed, participants are purposely matched to those with similar interests, values, backgrounds and more practically locations, via an exhaustive selection process which includes online applications and interviews both on the phone and on film.

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And while some relationships appear to fizzle out the morning after, the brief follow-up that closes each episode often reveals a couple now in the midst of something more committed. First Dates is not totally devoid of any behind-the-scenes interference. In one episode, a brother and sister are invited to turn up at the same time for a slightly bizarre across-the-room double date.

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In another, a shifty-looking and blatantly already attached dater is caught out in a post-match sting. But for the most part, the drama is well-earned. Just as refreshing is its relatively wide range of clientele. Young straight white folk still make up the bulk of the daters.

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  • Perhaps the most welcome development is the lack of an upper age limit. Only the hardest of hearts could fail to be moved by the two widowed sixty-somethings who bond over their shared love of Ireland and respective bucket lists. And the show features several other similarly engaging, and occasionally frisky, senior citizens who have previously been all but neglected in the TV dating game.